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D&D Spell Spotlight- Mirror Image| D&D Discussions
I have a weird question about one spell. I’ve looked for an answer on this one and I can’t find much. Mirror image creates illusory duplicates that have ac and therefore can be attacked. So if you cast a greenflame blade should you be able to target two of the images? Or potentially hit the mirror image caster when your gfb hits an image? Alternatively you can cast booming blade, which limbs the target in light. Even if you rule that the images fake the effect the fact that the effect is going should help you find them cause it means that you hit the right one and they can’t move without taking damage.

notably the eldritch blast can trip doesn’t really care about all this because making all its attacks at the enemy is optimal. And magic missle can ignore the spell because it’s unerring .

If it came up at my table I think I’d rule in favor of the players whatever side they were on, at least until we come up with a solid answer but it’s breaking my brain deciding what’s fair.

It makes sense for the cantrips to work around the spell and their is precedent for spells getting around it however it seems unfair to negate a second level spell like that.

Help me nerdarchy you’re my only hope!

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