BoLS Game Reel F.A.Q.

BoLS Gamereel Frequently Asked Questions

What is the BoLS Gamereel?

The BoLS Gamewire is a wargames and miniatures video syndicator, designed to get publisher videos directly to the wargaming public.  It is a viral news syndication platform that lets publishers reach hundreds of thousands of real world readers across a network of wargaming and miniatures websites at the touch of a button – all for free.


Who can use the BoLS Gamereel?

Any publisher who produces videos for the wargaming industry is welcome to apply for a publisher account and joint the syndication network.  If you makes videos covering physical wargames and or miniatures, RPG, and boardgames of any type, along with any related hobby, editorial, review or opinion  and such the BoLS Gamereel is designed expressly for you.


What about Kickstarters and Crowdsourcing video publishers?

If your crowdsourcing product falls with the guidelines listed above for a wargaming and miniatures manufacturer, you are welcome as well.


Are there any requirements for my company’s RSS feed?

You only need a YouTube channel.  Just plug in the URL of your channel into the application form and you are ready to go.

Next make sure you have a high quality video channel that is well formatted.  That means the BoLS Gamereel is looking for video publishers who are active, and present a high quality of video content regularly.  We will examine the YouTube channel of all applicants looking for things such as:

– Channel organization

– Quality of videos

– Amount of videos

– Age of channel

– Branding & Video appearance


Can I post news directly in addition to my company’s YouTube videos?

Unfortunately not, the Gamereel is designed to exclusively support video content.  If you have non video content you wish to syndicate, we suggest applying to the BoLS Gamewire.



How Much Does It Cost?

The BoLS Gamereel is free.  For publisher, you get additional marketing reach to hundreds of thousands of customers for free.

– You will gain more video views (and the Youtube revenue attached to them, if you monetize your videos)

– You will gain more channel subscribers due to our easy to access “subscribe to this channel” buttons embedded with each video

It’s a win-win for everyone! 


What Do I Do next?

Video Publishers:  If you are a wargames or hobby video publisher, apply right away and get your YouTube channel hooked up to the BoLS Gamereel to syndicate your news to a giant audience.

Readers: Enjoy all the gaming videos from your favorite wargaming companies and hobbyists, plus new ones you never knew about 24/7.  Keeping tabs on your favorite hobby has never been so easy!


Rules of the Road

1) Once your account is approved, the system works automatically and will syndicate your videos across the BoLS network.  You will only need to log into to update account information like your youtube page, phone number, etc.

2) To promote content diversity and to minimize accidental spamming of the system, there are daily limits to how many videos the Gamereel will process for any individual publisher.  The system will only publish the first two videos published in any calendar day.